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Viper Employee Spotlight: Jimmie Rodrigue

Territory Sales Manager for Viper, Jimmie was hired in 2017. Customers and co-workers alike appreciate his engaging and conversational style, as well as how he listens to be able to provide his best professional advice. An industry veteran, Viper is proud to have Jimmie help customers secure monitoring and inspection solutions. Find out which is his favorite college football team and what he would choose if given a superpower.

Q: Flashback to when you were 10 years old. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Jimmie: I wanted to be a marine.

Q: Tell us about your hometown.

Jimmie: I grew up in a small, friendly community outside New Orleans.

Q: What motivates you?

Jimmie: Helping others – professionally and personally.

Q: What do you think are the best skills you bring to your job?

Jimmie: The ability to listen and communicate.

Q: Why do you love working for Viper Imaging?

Jimmie: Viper has great owners who genuinely care about their team and customers.

Q: When you’re not working, what are you happiest doing?

Jimmie: Family activities, enjoying great food, watching LSU Football, and golf

Q: If we went to happy hour, what would you order?

Jimmie: Scotch, Bourbon, or a cold beer

Q: Complete this sentence: If I were a superhero, my superpower would be _____.

Jimmie: Healing

Q: Describe your perfect vacation.

Jimmie: Condo on a beach with food and beverage service, reading and sleeping, sightseeing.

Jimmie Rodrige

Jimmie has extensive industry experience, having worked for several decades in sales and service for the oil and gas industry. Additionally, he has years of experience in sales and service of thermal products for industrial electrical inspection. Jimmie earned a BS in Business Administration from Nicholls State University, and professional memberships include AIST, ASME, and Gulf Coast Oil and Gas. He and his family reside in Luling, LA.

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