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Blackbody Calibration Sources

Blackbody Calibration Sources

Viper’s line of blackbody furnaces are highly stable calibration sources for non-contact IR thermometers and thermal imagers for a broad temperature range. These units contain a self-tuned PID controller with superfine adjustment that automatically sets and controls calibration temperature.

Features & Facts:

  • Large target area
  • Broad operating range
  • High stability
  • PC interface
  • Simple to use and cost-effective
  • Portability (Python 500 BB)
AST Calsys 1200BB
AST Calsys 1200BB
a close up of electronics
close up of calibration source
AST Calsys 1200BBA Close Up Of ElectronicsClose Up Of Calibration Source
python model table

Viper Blackbody Calibration Sources

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