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With superior resolution, thermal sensitivity, and the High Sensitivity Mode option, the FLIR GF320 allows you to visualize leaks so you can pinpoint the exact source of the emissions. The GF320 accurately measures temperature, allowing the user to monitor temperature differentials and provides improved visual contrast for better gas plume detection.

Equipped with special filters, FLIR OGI cameras can “see” methane, hydrocarbon, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Like all FLIR GF-series cameras, the GF320 has three imaging modes:

  1. infrared (IR) image
  2. visual image
  3. high sensitivity mode (HSM)

How it works: The camera detects a gas plume as a shadow that stands out against the thermal radiation from its surroundings. OGI provides visual confirmation of leaks as small as 0.8 g/hour.

A Close Up Of A Camera
A Close Up Of A Camera
A Close Up Of A CameraFLIR

The GF320 visualizes incredibly small hydrocarbon gas leaks with the sensitivity needed to comply with the US EPA’s OOOOa methane rule. Surveyors can use the GF320 to scan large areas and check thousands of components over the course of one inspection. The digital camera and automatic GPS tagging ensure you’ll meet reporting requirements without the need for extra equipment. Repairing gas leaks quickly can save thousands in lost gas and lost profits while improving regulatory compliance and protecting the environment.

The FLIR GF320 is far superior to traditional “sniffers” at visualizing gas leaks – allowing the operator to pinpoint the exact source of fugitive emissions. The High Sensitivity Mode (HSM) uses proprietary video processing techniques to accentuate plume movement which increases leak detectability 5x. In addition, the GF320 is capable of measuring temperatures up to 350°C with an accuracy of ±1°C. This is critical for assessing thermal contrast between the gas compound and its surroundings.

The GF320 is ergonomically designed with the operator in mind – featuring a tiltable viewfinder, articulating LCD screen, and rotating handgrip. The camcorder-style construction allows the user to easily maintain three points of contact during operations.

Like the FLIR G300a, the GF320 can also be integrated with the DJI M600 Pro UAV for the ultimate aerial gas detection solution. The operator can inspect quickly, from a safe distance and with ease by using a trusted and familiar UAV system. Visualize and pinpoint gas leaks without the need to shut down the operation.

Also available, the GFx320 is independently certified as Intrinsically Safe and third-party approved for use in hazardous locations. The oil and gas market has long awaited this gas detection solution, as its Intrinsically Safe designation allows the user to work quickly and confidently, and scan for fugitive emissions in more areas than ever before.

  • Natural gas well sites
  • Electrical substations
  • Power generators
  • Chemical processing plants
  • Manufacturing plants

Methanol, Methane, Benzene, Ethane, Propylene, Ethanol, Pentane, 1-Pentene, Isoprene, Butane, Ethylbenzene, MEK, Toluene, Propane, Octane, Heptane, MIBK, Xylene, Ethylene, Hexane

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