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Sensia Mileva 33F

Sensia Mileva 33F

The Sensia Mileva 33F is a fixed advanced Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) system for the detection of micro-leaks of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and hydrocarbon (HxCx) gases.

Its spectrally optimized cooled detector improves the Minimum Detectable Leak Rate (MDLR better than 0.4 g/h of CH4).

Specifications Overview:

  • Camera Detector Type: Cooled
  • Focal plane array (FPA): 640 x 512 px
  • NETD:<15mK @ +50°C
  • Data Protocol: GigE
  • Power: 12 watts
  • Camera Accuracy: +/- 1°C (from 0°C – 70°C scene temp.)
  • Weight: 13 kg; 28.7 lb
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to +50°C / +14°F to 122°F
  • Environmental Protection Rating: IP66/IP67
  • ATEX Certification: safe for use in explosive atmospheres (non-ATEX version also available)
  • IECEX Certification: International trade of equipment and services for use in explosive atmospheres
  • Primary gases detected: VOCs and hydrocarbon gases (See the complete list in the table below.)

Main Features:

  • ViperOptic Software: integrated single-control, multifunction software for gas leak identification and quantification
  • 24/7 Continuous Monitoring: Remote monitoring and automatic alerts
  • Rugged System: designed for use in harsh environments (ATEX Zone II compliant)
  • Alarm Reporting: Metadata linked to survey for easy tracking
  • Optional Pan & Tilt: Activate the TOUR option in ViperOptic for surveillance of multiple areas. Functions for each area can be uniquely configured.
  • Communications: Ethernet and optical fiber connections
  • Interchangeable Lenses: Different FOV configurations on demand; motorized focus is available
  • Additional Options: 12 VDC instead of PoE, Wireless communication
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