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Thermal Monitoring System Adapts to Changing Needs

Adapt to changes in monitoring needs with Viper’s Quick Deploy Monitoring Kit

Industrial companies need systems that reduce the risk of breakdown often caused by aging infrastructure. The costs associated with unplanned maintenance and restoring systems operation again can be massive.

Monitoring needs change, so in 2018 Viper designed a system that can easily adapt to those changes with a remote monitoring system that can be transported from one site to another. We worked closely with a facility engineering team for a company known as an innovation leader in energy production. Click here for the case study. This cutting-edge solution equips engineering teams with the data they need to respond in real time to sudden changes.

We were so pleased to have our solution featured in the March 2019 issue of Fugitive Emissions Journal. Initially, the system was designed to monitor critical assets specifically for substations. Since then, Viper has made developments to enhance system functionality and portability. Not just for substation components, this monitoring system is applicable for many industrial applications. (Click here to learn more.)

Based on customer feedback and our own product development, the latest Quick Deploy Monitoring Kit is even simpler to implement and use. Customers report being up and running in less than an hour. Now they are equipped to identify problems before failure occurs.

diagram of a Viper Imaging thermal monitoring system. FLIR cameras enclosed in ViperVenmon Enclosures, which is connected to a cell service antenna, and a power supply. That data is then transfered to the control system (ViperVision software) that allows for alerts and reporting.

System Infographic

Viper’s Quick Deploy Monitoring Kit is a portable, multi-use system including two (more upon request) FLIR thermal imaging cameras integrated with our powerful ViperVision software. Temperature variations in critical assets are monitored by the system which can alarm, providing early warnings. Viper’s Quick Deploy system provides flexibility in that it can easily be moved to another location. This improves maintenance planning and reduces the risk of catastrophic failure.

Think this could be the solution for you? Take a closer look, and contact us to discuss your application!