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Scrap Metal Operations Monitoring

Monitor remotely with Viper’s thermal imaging camera systems for the shredding process of scrap metals to detect fires and other potential heat related events early

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In recent years, scrap metal recycling facilities have experienced an increase in fire activity, due to increased numbers of lithium-ion batteries that are used in consumer goods, then recycled. LI-ion batteries are prone to catch fire if broken or crushed. As scrap metals are cut, crushed, compacted, or shredded, any traces of combustible substances (like LI-ion batteries) can ignite when pressure is applied or sparks from friction are present.

Fire alarms and fire-fighting systems only initiate when a fire already exists. Our thermal monitoring systems detect hot spots before a fire occurs so that the necessary measures can be taken.

Viper Predator System Solution

The Viper Predator System can detect fires and other potential heat related events early. IR technology enables visibility through steam and smoke, aiding in the identification of combustible materials such as batteries and other hazardous items. It not only provides monitoring during normal operating hours, but after hours as well, constantly monitoring scrap piles and other bulk storage for hot spots and will send notifications via email, text, or phone when hot spots are detected. The system can also be configured to notify your local fire department.

The complete Predator System includes:

  • Thermal imaging camera
  • ViperVenom enclosure
  • Swivel mount
  • ViperVision Software
  • Quick Start Guide

Additional options are available for customization to meet your specific needs.

graphical user interface
graphical user interface
graphical user interface
Scrap Metal Shredder Monitoring
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graphical user interfaceScrap Metal Shredder Monitoring

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