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Viper's Solutions

Learn about who we are and what we do! Scroll to the bottom of this page to download our interactive guide for an overview.

Hot spot detection for critical vessels photo

Hot Spot Detection for Critical Vessels

Thermal monitoring provides a continuous, accurate, and reliable solution for process monitoring and fault detection.

Critical asset monitoring photo

Critical Asset Monitoring

Continuous and reliable temperature measurement solution for critical assets to increase uptime and ensure plant safety.

Flare stack monitoring photo

Flare Stack Monitoring

Identify correct pilot ignition, proper burning profiles, and basic flare conditions with automated remote thermal monitoring.

Gas leak detection solutions photo

Gas Leak Detection Solutions

Identify and quantify gas leaks quickly, accurately, and safely with Viper Imaging gas leak detection and emissions monitoring solutions.

Steel mill refractory monitoring photo

Steel Mill Refractory Monitoring

Thermal monitoring systems provide an accurate, reliable measurement solution to ensure plant safety and increase efficiency.

Industrial process monitoring photo

Industrial Process Monitoring

Thermal imaging camera monitoring provides automated inspection, process control, and condition monitoring.

Substation monitoring photo

Substation Monitoring

Continuous thermal monitoring improves the reliability of power delivery systems while reducing maintenance costs.

Infrared inspection & calibration service photo

Infrared Inspection & Calibration Service

Infrared inspection is a non-destructive, non-contact, and cost-effective diagnostic tool for finding problems.

Early fire detection for wood products industry photo

Early Fire Detection for Wood Products Industry

Continuous remote thermal monitoring for wood processing and storage areas detects hot spots before a fire occurs.

Early fire detection photo

Early Fire Detection

Automated remote monitoring with thermal imaging detects hot spots before a fire occurs so necessary measures can be taken.

Elevated body temperature detection photo

Viper Predator System

Protect your industrial application equipment, personnel, and environment with the Viper Predator. The Viper Predator line includes systems designed for hot spot detection and security.

ViperVision (6-camera monitoring system)

ViperVision Software

ViperVision software will simplify your process with real-time monitoring, data capture, and imaging post-analysis. Learn about camera compatibility and our free trial offer!

Learn about who we are and what we do! Download our interactive guide for an overview.

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