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Viper Predator System

Viper Predator: Simple Hot Spot Detection System

Viper Imaging designed a powerful, yet simple out-of-the-box solution for hot spot detection. Protect your industrial application equipment, personnel and environment with the Viper Predator. Utilizing thermal imaging technology, the Viper Predator system continuously monitors temperature – proactively finding hot spots before anomalies cause problems.

Complete Predator System

The Viper Predator makes it easy to monitor problem areas using infrared imaging technology. Our system comes fully documented with a quick-start guide to get you up and running quickly. See for yourself with our assembly video!

  • The basis of the system is a FLIR thermal imaging camera (A35/65, A50/70, or A400/500/700), providing highly accurate and fully radiometric measurements.
  • The camera is housed in the IP67-rated ViperVenom enclosure.
  • Simplifying the system for the user is our ViperVision software suite. Our proven software integrates into your processes with standard protocols and alarming and will continuously monitor for temperature increases.
  • Mounting hardware and accessories are included.

Additional system options:

  • Predator Controller Box – provides full control for up to six cameras (Cat6/Cat5e, single mode, and multimode fiber)
  • Communications Module – OPC, EthernetIP, Profinet, Modbus
  • Hose Kit – set of hoses and valves to provide a single airline connection to the system and control the flow to each component
  • Extended Warranty – add 1 year for a complete 2-year warranty
  • Service Contract – includes yearly site visit with calibration check and software update (click here for details)
  • Quick-Start Service – includes site visit with 3-hour training/start-up assistance
Viper Predator System
Viper Predator System

Viper Predator System

FLIR A50/70 image

FLIR A50/70 series

FLIR A35/65

FLIR A35/65

FLIR A400/500/700

FLIR A400/500/700

Viper Predator SystemFLIR A50/70 imageFLIR A35/65FLIR A400/500/700

Hot Spots = Indication of Problem Area

Thermal monitoring is a nondestructive and non-contact way to detect and document hot spots. Our high-performance FLIR infrared cameras have a broad range of temperature measurement and produce superior image quality. Proactive identification allows for planned corrective action.

a close up of a screen

Refinery transfer line

Ladle interior

plastic press - thermal

Plastic press

Power-generating turbine

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