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Camera Enclosures

Thermal Camera Enclosures for Industrial Environments

Industrial Camera Housing designed for FLIR cameras

Our camera enclosures are part of a reliable and rugged system intended for industrial environments. Specially designed for FLIR cameras, they are manufactured for simplicity and durability. Every thermal imaging camera in a Viper system is mounted in industrial housing appropriate for the specific application. For hazardous environments, we have enclosures with housing that uses purge and pressurization to protect the camera equipment. Viper Imaging provides solutions for Class I, Division 1 and Division 2 environments.

ViperVenom Series

ViperVenom camera enclosures are manufactured for simplicity and durability. Specially designed for FLIR A-series cameras, they are also compatible with specific models from some other manufacturers.

ViperVenom SS

Ruggedized Stainless Steel Enclosures The stainless steel housing allows Viper's systems to be installed in…

Viper pan/tilt mount

Pan/Tilt System

Minimize the number of cameras needed to monitor your process with our Pan/Tilt system. Recommended…

ViperVenom camera enclosure with Sunshade

Viper Sunshades

Viper offers different levels of protection to reduce the thermal load on your camera equipment. …


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