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Welcome Shane Womack

Shane Womack Joins Viper Imaging

Viper Imaging is pleased to announce that Shane Womack has joined our team as Regional…

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methane emissions

Why reducing methane emissions could be key to meeting climate goals

At the COP26 climate meeting in Glasgow on November 2, 2021, global leaders announced that…

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AT - Automation Technology preferred partner

Viper Integrates AT – Automation Technology Infrared Cameras in Monitoring Systems

Viper Imaging integrates AT - Automation Technology infrared cameras in Viper monitoring systems Viper Imaging…

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Viper Employee Spotlight: Jimmie

Viper Employee Spotlight: Jimmie Rodrigue

Territory Sales Manager for Viper, Jimmie was hired in 2017. Customers and co-workers alike appreciate…

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The Importance of Spot Size Ratio

What thermal camera is right for your application? Which one will accurately measure your target…

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Jacob Chesnut, Viper Imaging

Viper Employee Spotlight: Jacob Chesnut

Assembly Technician for Viper, Jacob was hired in July of 2020. His helpful attitude and…

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graphical user interface, text, application

Viper Employee Spotlight: Keith Griffith

Keith was hired on a contract basis in March of 2020 and came on board…

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Viper Employee Spotlight: Cobey

Viper Employee Spotlight: Cobey Meade

Cobey joined the Viper team in May 2020. While his title is Electrician, system production…

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logo, Automation Technology

Viper Imaging Partners with Automation Technology

Viper Imaging to offer Automation Technology infrared cameras and 3D sensor technology to the North…

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Installing and Licensing ViperVision

Do you have questions about launching or licensing the ViperVision software? The guide below will…

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Viper Employee Spotlight: Ben Donohue

Ben joined the Viper team in May 2020. His genuine love for learning and aptitude…

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graphical user interface, website

Troubleshooting ViperVision

Do you have questions about the ViperVision software? It matters to us that you have…

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logo, company name

Viper Imaging’s rapid growth belies its humble beginnings

Many successful businesses begin with a compelling story, and Viper Imaging is no exception. Early…

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a close up of electronics

FLIR A50 and A70 Thermal Cameras

When decision-makers seek to integrate new hardware into their automation process, they are often looking…

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logo, company name

Viper Helps Keep Business Rolling

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Pete Albert, Facilities Manager for Poplar Creek…

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a desktop computer monitor sitting on top of a desk

ViperVision New Features Release & FAQ

We are pleased to roll out some great features in ViperVision 4.0! Expanded capabilities and…

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a man smiling for the camera

Viper Employee Spotlight: Alex Finkelstein

Inside Sales Manager for Viper Imaging, Alex joined the team in February 2020. His helpful…

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viper partnership announcement

A Powerful Partnership

Antaira and Viper Imaging team up to protect facilities and workplaces Steel mills, chemical refineries,…

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a man looking at the camera

Viper Employee Spotlight: Mukul Gupta

Product Engineer for Viper Imaging, Mukul joined the team in April 2019. His engineering skills…

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shape, arrow

Not Just for Covid

We’ve all had to make adjustments of varied degree to our everyday life in compliance…

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external temperature sources

Calibration of External Temperature Reference Sources used in Thermal Image Camera Systems for EBT

Viper is pleased to share this insightful and well-documented article by Bud Foran. INTRODUCTION Following…

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a sign on the screen

Introducing the Viper V1

It’s here! We are excited to introduce the new Viper V1 temperature screening system! Ideal…

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a man holding a sign

Why Forehead Fever Scanners Don’t Work

There has been a lot of media discussion of late about “fever scanners” and other…

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NDAA Blacklist: What you need to know

Several camera companies have been in the news lately due to the NDAA blacklist. In…

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a screen shot of a man

Viper Elevated Body Temperature Measurement FAQ

You’ve probably heard something by now about elevated body temperature (EBT) measurement using thermal imaging.…

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We don’t sell widgets…

Looking back, it’s hard to believe I started working in the thermal imaging business in…

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body temperature measurement example for pandemic

Viper’s Response and Offerings for the Coronavirus Pandemic

In light of recent events surrounding the pandemic status of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted…

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a person posing for the camera in front of a window

ViperVision Software: A Clear Perspective on Thermal Data

As thermal imaging cameras become increasingly cost-effective, more companies are implementing thermal monitoring into their…

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