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Viper Imaging Partners with Lenovo to Offer IoT Solutions for Returning to Work

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ThinkIoT Solutions Make the Workplace Safer During COVID-19

Birmingham, AL – Viper Imaging is pleased to partner with Lenovo to offer Think IoT Return to Work Solutions for businesses. To help customers resume operations after the pandemic without dealing with the hassle traditionally encountered in IoT projects, Lenovo has assembled an ecosystem of end-to-end turnkey solutions – especially important for large companies with distributed locations.

“We are proud to partner with Lenovo in providing Think IoT Return to Work Solutions,” shares Viper co-founder Rich Shannon. “Lenovo’s objective of offering technology solutions for safe and seamless transitions back to work after the coronavirus pandemic aligns with Viper’s mission statement – providing thermal solutions that increase efficiency, promote safety, and effect positive environmental change. We know the implementation of thermal technology for elevated body temperature (EBT) detection is a vital piece in helping businesses stay safe as they get back to doing what they do best.”

Viper Elevated Body Temperature Screening systems will be utilized as a frontline means of preventing the spread of COVID-19 by controlling who gets into the facility. Along with nearly 20 other body temperature measurement systems, the Viper EBT system underwent thorough testing by Lenovo and was selected as the Lenovo Think IoT Certified System for this application. The Viper non-contact screening device uses a FLIR thermal imaging camera to identify EBT which could be indicative of a fever, a symptom of viral infection. According to the CDC, 85% of those admitted to the hospital with confirmed cases of Coronavirus had fever symptoms.

Lenovo outlines a three-step framework with technology at its core for Think IoT Return to Work Solutions:

  1. Controlling who gets into the location,

  2. Managing behaviors within the space, and

  3. Being prepared to respond to incidents.

Think IoT Solutions support these steps through end-to-end services centered around key workplace actions, including temperature screening, policy communication, distance monitoring, workspace reservation management, and incident notifications. Viper EBT detection systems are easy-to-use automated solutions. The person to be screened steps in front of the thermal imaging camera, and the pre-configured region of interest measures the temperature of the tear ducts within 2-3 seconds. Thermal data is analyzed by integrated ViperVision software and will alert on temperatures over a preset threshold.

“For the past decade IoT solutions have promised great results, but haven’t delivered,” said John Gordon, Lenovo’s President, Commercial Internet of Things. “Our purpose is simple – to overcome the logistical challenges of IoT systems to make them practical at scale. As the #1 PC maker, Lenovo is in the unique position to understand what it takes to manage electronic components spread around the world. We build on our global strength in services and supply chain and layer on industry-first IoT management and a proven partner ecosystem to help customers finally get the value they’ve always wanted from IoT, quickly, and hassle free.”

Lenovo tests each solution through a rigorous validation process that include 140+ steps covering security, serviceability, scalability, and reliability. Field teams handle deployment in an expedited timeframe with minimal site disruption. With teams in 170+ countries and expertise managing 125+ million devices, Lenovo maintains the installed solution throughout its lifetime.

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Viper’s Elevated Body Temperature detection system has already shown to be an invaluable entry point pre-screening tool for dozens of customers. As businesses that have been closed due to COVID-19 make plans to reopen, Viper has received inquiries from a host of different industries. For more information, call (205) 677-3700, visit, or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Viper Imaging is a FLIR Premium Partner and a leading supplier of thermal imaging systems and process monitoring equipment. Our proven systems and software have been installed in a variety of applications for metals, oil and gas, energy production and distribution, industrial automation, and elevated body temperature (EBT) detection.