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Substation Monitoring

Continuous thermal monitoring solution that helps to identify anomalies, alarm on critical issues, and provided trended data on the asset status.

Understanding the thermal profile of critical components in an electrical substation is crucial. Electrical resistance in these components can cause them to degrade over time – sometimes quickly. When current passes over these degraded areas, the energy is given off as heat. Using thermal imaging allows you to “see” these issues, identifying potential faults.

Implementing Viper Substation Monitoring improves the reliability of power delivery systems while reducing maintenance costs. Avoid the expenses associated with unplanned maintenance and systems operation restoration.

Viper's Portable System Solution

Thermal imaging camera systems are the ideal solution for identifying problems before failure occurs. Traditional monitoring of substation equipment utilizes handheld thermal imaging cameras. These methods are ineffective due to limitations of both time and the work force to conduct such inspections – not to mention the safety risk to personnel. This type of inspection has the potential to miss warning signs of impending failure.

Monitoring needs change, so Viper designed a system that can easily adapt to those changes with a remote substation monitoring system that can be transported from one site to another.

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Fixed Substation Monitoring System

Viper provides a customized system solution based on the specific substation needs. Thermal imaging cameras are installed to verify temperatures and locations and are positioned to view as much of the process as necessary while using as few cameras as possible. In fact, one camera can monitor several critical assets simultaneously. Camera mounting options include both fixed and pan/tilt. Some examples of components that are monitored:

  • power transformers
  • Insulator bushings
  • Lightning arrestors
  • Mechanical disconnects
  • Batteries
  • Load tap changers
  • Standoff insulators
  • Circuit breakers
  • Control cabinets

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Quick Deploy Monitoring Kit

Just Add Power – Portable, Multi-Use System

Viper designed a system that can easily adapt to changes in monitoring needs. The Quick Deploy Monitoring Kit is a portable, multi-use setup includes one (more upon request) FLIR thermal imaging camera integrated with our powerful ViperVision software. Temperature variations in substation components are monitored by the system which can alarm, providing early warnings. Viper’s Quick Deploy system provides flexibility in that it can easily be moved to another location. This innovative solution equips engineering teams with the data they need to respond in real time to sudden changes.

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In order to improve reliability and reduce risk, Viper’s FLIR thermal imaging camera systems integrated with powerful ViperVision software provide continuous monitoring. Temperature variations in system components are monitored by the system which can alarm, providing early warnings. This allows for better maintenance planning and reduces the risk of catastrophic failure.

FLIR cameras, housed in ViperVenom enclosures, are integrated with ViperVision software to directly communicate with most industrial platform controllers. Temperature data is displayed on a monitor in real time, and hot spots are evident before excessive heat or insulation loss results in failure. ViperVision provides the ability to draw specific regions of interest, which is a significant time-saver by providing the operators with only the data they need. The software analyzes and compares the data against the customer’s parameters and will trigger an alarm if warranted. Data is transmitted wirelessly to the customer’s control room, and alerts can be sent via email. All data can be saved for process analysis and quality control.

Key Benefits

  • Instant notification alarm for temperature beyond preset parameters
  • Improved reliability of electric power delivery
  • Reduced maintenance costs and enhanced personnel safety
  • Reliable and rugged system
  • Easy integration into existing plant control system
  • Provides quantitative temperature readout and remote thermal monitoring for plant management
  • Some customers report an insuarnce premium discount because of the increased reliability

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System Solution Components

FLIR cameras are integrated with the ViperVision software which directly communicates with most industrial platform controllers. The software will analyze and compare the data against predefined parameters and will trigger an alarm if warranted. These parameters can be adjusted based on the specific application needs. Viper Imaging provides solutions for Class I and Class II environments that are Division I or II.

Some Images of Viper's System Solution

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