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FLIR A400/A500/A700 Image Streaming Thermal Cameras

FLIR A400/A500/A700 Image Streaming Thermal Cameras

Fixed Mount Thermal Camera for Complex Monitoring Applications

FLIR A400/A500/A700-Series Thermal Image Streaming Cameras offer the monitoring capabilities needed to accurately detect and identify thermal issues across manufacturing and industrial processes. With multiple field-of-view choices, multi-streaming capabilities, motorized focus control, and optional compressed radiometric streaming over Wi-Fi, these fixed-mount camera solutions can tackle the most complex remote monitoring objectives. Easy configuration allows you to tailor this monitoring system to your company’s quality, productivity, maintenance, and safety needs.

FLIR A400/500/700
FLIR A400/500/700
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FLIR A400/500/700A Close Up Of FLIR ElectronicsA Close Up Of A CameraA Close Up Of A Device

Powerful Thermal Streaming Solution with Simplified Integration

PLUG & PLAY WITH SUPPORT FOR MULTIPLE PROTOCOLS: GigE Vision and GenICam compliance for simplified integration with existing monitoring systems; supports GigE and RTSP video over ONVIF (advanced)

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION WITH EXISTING SYSTEMS: Compressed radiometric streaming cuts bandwidth, making it possible to add multiple cameras without the cost of expanding infrastructure (advanced)

WORLD-CLASS THERMAL IMAGING CAPABILITIES: Provides exceptional image quality with up to 640 × 480 (307,200 pixels) and superior measurement accuracy (<±2°C)

FLIR A400/A700 series table

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Discontinued: FLIR A300, A310, A315

FLIR A300, A310, A315 Discontinued. Now what?

When Teledyne FLIR announced the discontinuation of the FLIR A300, A310, and A315, the product team released recommendations for replacement cameras. The FLIR A400/500/700 is on the list.

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Specifications Overview

  • Accuracy: ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading, for ambient temperature 15°C–35°C (59°F–95°F) and object temperature above 0°C (32°F)
  • Base Mounting: 4× M4 on 4 sides
  • Encoding: GVSP video streaming; uncompressed GVSP radiometric streaming; temperature linear and FLIR radiometric
  • Housing material: Aluminum
  • IR Resolution: 320 × 240
  • Object Temperature Range: -20°C to 120°C (-4°F to 248°F), 0°C to 650°C (32°F to 1202°F), 300°C to 2000°C (572°F to 3632°F)
  • Size (L x W x H): 123 × 77 × 77 mm (4.84 × 3.03 × 3.03 in)
  • Thermal Sensitivity/NETD: Lens dependent
  • Weight: 0.82 kg (1.8 lb), camera only
  • Multi-Streaming: No, one stream only

FLIR A50/A70

FLIR A400/A500/A700





Thermal resolution

464 x 348, 640 x 480

464 x 348, 640 x 480

320 x 240, 464 x 348, 640 x 480

320 x 240, 464 x 348, 640 x 480

Typical size (mm)

107 x 67 x 57

107 x 67 x 57

123 x 77 x 77

123 x 77 x 77

Approx. response time

12 or 10 ms

12 or 10 ms

10 or 12 ms

10 or 12 ms

2% accuracy

GigE Vision®


Digital I/O

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Motorized Focus

Built-in web interface



Visual camera with MSX®*

Macro Mode*

Temp. meas. >550℃ (1022℉)

Temp. meas. >1000℃ (1832℉)

Telephoto lenses

Very wide-angle lens (>80 degrees)


Pan & Tilt support

Multi image streaming

Compressed 16-bit image streaming

*Optional feature

The ViperVenom series of camera enclosures meet standards for an IP67 rating, and additional options are available for customization to your environment. Learn more>>

The FLIR FlexView lens allows you to switch from a 24° wide view to a 14° telephoto for accurate temperature measurement. Learn more>>

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