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FLIR FlexView

FLIR FlexView Dual Field of View Lens

You never need to change your lens in the field again! With just the press of a button, the FLIR FlexView lens allows you to instantly switch from a 24° wide view for scene context to a 14° telephoto for accurate temperature measurement.

The FLIR FlexView is compatible with the FLIR T5xx, T8xx, Exx, and Axxx-series cameras.

  • Switch field of view (FOV) with the push of a button instead of exchanging lenses
  • Save time and space with one lens while being prepared with two FOVs for the job
  • Reduced risk of missing anomalies with efficient, accurate inspections
  • Put 2.8x pixels on your target with optical zoom, as opposed to digital zoom
FLIR FlexView Lens

FLIR FlexView Lens

How it works:

For portable/handheld cameras, the switch on the lens will toggle between 14° and 24° field of view lenses in seconds. For A400/500/700 cameras, software commands perform the same function as the switch.

Utility application – Substation Assets: Now there’s no need to carry an extra lens and risk damaging it or contaminating sensitive camera parts. Stay outside of arc flash zones while scanning the critical assets from a safe distance.

With a single lens and no hassle, you can capture both full targets at close proximity and small targets at longer distances. The FlexView lens allows you to get more pixels on the target for high-quality data. This equips you and your team for better decision making.

FLIR Txxx-Series: T530, T540, T560, T840, T860, and T865

FLIR Axxx-Series: A400, A500, and A700

FLIR Exx Series: E76, E86, and E96

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