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A Powerful Partnership

Antaira and Viper Imaging team up to protect facilities and workplaces

Steel mills, chemical refineries, electric substations to name a few – Viper Imaging has made a point to conduct its business in extreme environments. Utilizing thermal imaging technology, Viper’s systems monitor temperature – proactively finding anomalies before they cause problems. It is critically important that Viper’s products are powerful, rugged, and simple to set up and operate. A common device you will find in Viper’s systems is an Antaira PoE switch.

Antaira is a manufacturer of cutting-edge industrial communications technology. They have continuously developed reliable and innovative industrial networking solutions to keep data moving in harsh application environments.

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What is PoE?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a means of carrying electrical power through data cables. With PoE-enabled devices, electrical current passes through the ethernet cable along with the data normally carried by an ethernet cable.

The main advantage of PoE is that it reduces the cabling requirements for network devices. Any device which normally connects to an internet or LAN network with an ethernet cable will also need a power cable – one to carry the data, one to carry the electrical current to power the device.*

Reliable and Consistent

Viper Imaging desires to elevate partners who have exceptional products. Viper’s Chief Technical Advisor Jon Lowenberg says “I have never had a product failure in over a decade of use.”

Viper’s customers use these products and systems to improve process efficiency, make environments safer, and acquire data. Therefore, it is vital that Viper products are able to stand in the face of extreme environments. This makes Antaira the perfect partner for Viper’s products. To learn more about Antaira’s PoE products, click here.

Partners for the Pandemic and Beyond

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, Viper stepped into action and began creating elevated body temperature (EBT) detection systems for front-line screening. These systems were instrumental in helping many of our customers safely maintain or resume operations. Within the EBT kiosk, Viper needed a switch that could power a FLIR camera and also integrate non-PoE devices. Antaira was able to successfully supply this switch and worked with Viper to keep the product in stock throughout the pandemic.

Other Viper monitoring systems using Antaira PoE

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*Reference: What is PoE and why do I need it?