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We don't sell widgets...

Looking back, it’s hard to believe I started working in the thermal imaging business in January 1997.

From day one when I picked up a thermal imaging camera and inspected a customer’s plant finding problems in the electrical system they couldn’t see, I was in awe of how powerful a tool this was – and how much customers would benefit from its use. Since that time, we [Viper] have helped people in countless ways and in countless applications with this technology.

Our company gets to develop some pretty unique solutions that help customers:

  • Prevent equipment failure by detecting faults.

  • Run their process more effectively and efficiently by providing temperature feedback to their process.

  • Promote safety for plant personnel by detecting dangerous situations that could be deadly, such as fires or explosions.

  • Be better stewards of the environment by detecting dangerous chemicals.


Per our Mission Statement: “Viper Imaging partners with customers to create thermal solutions which are easy to integrate, cost-effective and impactful while increasing efficiency, promoting safety, and effecting positive environmental change.”

We don’t sell widgets. We take this technology that we are passionate about to help our customers be more effective at doing what they do best.

I can tell you that when we put together our business plan for 2020, zero effort was dedicated to helping address pandemic-related issues. We are experiencing something right now that has the ability to adversely affect how our customers do business. For our customers to produce their goods and services, it is vital that they keep infected people out of their facilities. By offering our Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) Detection system, our hope is to partner with customers to help them achieve this objective.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Rich Shannon

Office (205) 677-3700 x107 / Mobile (803) 627-2969


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a view of a city at night
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For information on EBT systems or any other application, please contact us. We would appreciate the opportunity to partner with you.