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Introducing the Viper V1

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It’s here! We are excited to introduce the new Viper V1 temperature screening system! Ideal for so many types of settings, this state-of-the-art kiosk system for elevated body temperature (EBT) detection is fully automated. Move traffic through checkpoints quickly and efficiently.

Our customers have spoken, and we listened. Not only does it look great, the V1 offers fantastic features and options.

  • Simple setup and operation

  • Quick scan results

  • Self-contained, sleek design

  • Access control capable

  • Highly accurate measurement

The V1 design makes it perfectly suited for any type of setting. The FDA suggests temperature screening using thermal imaging as part of a larger approach to risk management. It’s an effective part of efforts to minimize exposure to infected individuals and help prevent the spread of viral illness.

Viper system design and recommended operation is based on guidelines and best practices set forth by the FDA, IEC, and IOS. The integrated thermal imaging camera is FDA 510(k) registered.

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