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Installing and Licensing ViperVision


Do you have questions about launching or licensing the ViperVision software?

The guide below will help!

Installing ViperVision

1. Before installing ViperVision, make sure your Windows system is updated.


2. Once you have downloaded the installer, start the installation by right-clicking the file and selecting “Run as administrator”.

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3. Click “Install” after agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

4. The following application dependencies will be installed on the machine: FLIR Streaming Drivers, Bonjour, Pleora Redistributable, VC 2005, 2008, & 2010 Redistributables, OPC Core Components Redistributable, Microsoft .NET Core Hosting Runtime 3.1.16, and the .NET Framework version 4.7.1. If .NET Framework 4.7.1 needs to be installed, a separate installer will open to run that installation. FLIR Device Drivers may also be required if you are using FLIR A310, A315, and A615 cameras, if you plan to use those camera types, read FLIR’s Disclaimer click “I agree to the license terms and conditions” if you do so, and finally click “Install”. If you are not using those camera types, you may click.

5. Once the installation is complete you will be notified of a successful install. If the install was not successful, see the INSTALLING VIPERVISION section of the ViperVision Configuration Guide.

6. The first time you run ViperVision, right-click the new ViperVision Icon, and select “Run as administrator.”

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Licensing ViperVision

Note: This only applies if you have not purchased a camera, computer, or kiosk.

Online Registration

1. Note: online registration requires a network internet connection to properly work.

2. You will be provided a registration key by Viper Imaging. This can be found in the VIPERVISION folder on your desktop or in the VIPERVISION folder on the provided USB drive.

3. Navigate to System Settings, then the About section tab.

4. Select the Register Online button, and paste the registration key into the Enter new registration key field.

5. Click Okay.

6. Restart the software to update the software version for newly licensed features.

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Offline Registration

1. Log in and navigate to System Settings, then the About section tab, click the Register Offline button.

2. Select the copy button to place the machine key in the clipboard.

3. Paste the copied machine key into an email and send it to to request your license.

4. Viper will create a license that corresponds to your purchase order and send you back the license key.

5. Copy the license key and paste it in the Enter new license key field.  Click Okay and your system will be licensed.

6. Restart the software to update the software version for newly licensed features.


For more information about Viper Imaging or ViperVision software, please contact us!

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