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Viper Employee Spotlight: Ashley Svensen

Viper introduces Ashley Svensen

Ashley was brought on board in November 2023. Her helpful spirit and desire to contribute to the company’s success are evident in how she fulfills her role as Accounting Manager. A true team player, Viper is lucky to have her! 

Q & A with Ashley!

Q: Flashback to when you were 10 years old. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Ashley: A veterinarian. More specifically, anything that involved horses. That was during my Black Stallion phase. I loved that book series!

Q: Tell us about your hometown.

Ashley: I was born in Auburn, AL (WDE!) but spent most of my life in Mobile, AL. I so miss being that close to the Gulf!

Q: What motivates you?

Ashley: Knowing I can start anew and find something to look forward to every day.

Q: What do you think are the best skills you bring to your job?

Ashley: Talking to customers and people in general. Multitasking is a definite must!

Q: Why do you love working for Viper Imaging?

Ashley: The staff at VIper has been so welcoming and willing to jump right in and help make the learning process an easier transition. It is really a team effort here!

Q: When you’re not working, what are you happiest doing?

Ashley: Anything outside! Exercising, walking the dog, gardening, and traveling.

Q: If we went to happy hour, what would you order?

Ashley: a French 75

Q: Complete this sentence: If I were a superhero, my superpower would be _____.

Ashley: Unlimited energy! As a working mother of three children, I need it!

Q: Describe your perfect vacation.

Ashley: Anywhere on the beach with my family and/or friends! Or, exploring the culture and arts of France.

Ashley Svensen, Accounting Manager
Ashley Svensen, Accounting Manager for Viper Imaging

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