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Haley Beauchamp, Viper Sales Coordinator

Viper Employee Spotlight: Haley Beauchamp

Sales Coordinator for Viper, Haley was hired in April 2023. She brings a diverse skill set, including sales, customer service, and graphic design. She'll utilize her extensive professional experience in managing the customer experience, providing sales quotes, supporting our regional…

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Metoree: Search Manufacturers and Suppliers

Viper Imaging Featured on Metoree

Viper Imaging is featured on Metoree, a product and manufacturer information comparison resource Birmingham, AL – Viper Imaging is pleased to announce our inclusion in the listing of featured companies on Metoree, an industrial products and manufacturer information comparison website…

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Hot Spot detection for fire prevention

How Thermal Monitoring can Prevent Fires in your Process

What thermal camera is right for this application? How does alarming integrate into other systems? Will the system still work in highly contaminated [dusty] areas? Although warehouses and storage areas are typically equipped with fire alarms and fire-fighting systems, these…

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Discontinued: FLIR A300, A310, A315

Discontinued: FLIR A300, A310, and A315

Effective June 30, 2022, Teledyne FLIR discontinued the FLIR A300, A310, and A315 camera models. What does this mean for you, and what are your options? As these camera models have been sold since 2007, they are in use in…

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Welcome Shane Womack to Viper Imaging

Shane Womack Joins Viper Imaging

Viper Imaging is pleased to announce that Shane Womack has joined our team as Regional Sales Manager. With a focus on serving customers in the oil and gas industry, his sales territory includes Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Shane…

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The Importance of Spot Size Ratio

What thermal camera is right for your application? Which one will accurately measure your target AND fit within budget? How far from the target can the camera be and still measure temperature accurately? When considering thermal imaging cameras for monitoring…

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