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FLIR 80 Degree Wide Angle Lens

FLIR 80° Wide Angle Lens

Enhance your work efficiency with the FLIR 80° lens, designed for FLIR Axxx, Exx, T5xx, and T8xx cameras. Eliminate the need to open high-voltage electrical cabinets and save time with this revolutionary lens. Capture your entire target in one image with its ultra-wide angle view, making your job easier and more productive. This lens produces superior-quality thermal images to give you a clear and complete view of the situation, allowing you to make informed decisions. Experience the difference it makes!

The FLIR 80° lens is compatible with the FLIR Axxx, Exx, and Txxx-series.

Optional port adapter accessory for usage together with an installed Mikron port base.

FLIR 80 degree lens for Axxx, Exx, Txxx
FLIR 80 degree wide angle lens - comparison

See the difference it makes!

Ideal for Cabinet Inspections when paired with FLIR Exx or Txxx –

Save time and work smarter by avoiding opening high-voltage electrical cabinets. Minimize the risk of arc flash incidents by avoiding the need to open electrical cabinets, and speed up inspections with the optional Port Adapter accessory.

The FLIR A-xxx thermal cameras are ideal for early fire detection applications, especially when paired with a wide-angle view. This allows for a better understanding of the scene context, which is particularly helpful in tight spaces where backing up for a wider view is not possible. Additionally, these cameras equipped with the 80-degree wide-angle lens are excellent for refractory monitoring of torpedo cars, furnaces, ladles, and tanks.

FLIR Axxx-Series: A400, A500, and A700

FLIR Exx Series: E76, E86, and E96

FLIR Txxx-Series: T530, T540, T560, T840, T860, and T865

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