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FLIR E8 Pro Infrared Camera with MSX & Wi-Fi

FLIR E8 Pro Infrared Camera with MSX & Wi-Fi

Part of the FLIR Ex Pro-Series and highly recommended, the FLIR E8 Pro is your must-have tool for locating and diagnosing electrical, mechanical, and building problems. Quickly pinpoint hot spots and easily identify problems with vibrant thermal imagery supported by FLIR-patented MSX® enhancement.

Conduct more efficient inspection work with the intuitive touchscreen: organize your photos, add detailed notes, and upload them directly to the FLIR Ignite cloud for convenient access from any device. When you’re ready to share images and create client reports, your images and notes are readily available in FLIR Ignite or FLIR Thermal Studio.

  • IR Sensor resolution: 320×240
  • Thermal Sensitivity: <0.04°C (0.07°F) / <40 mK at 30°C (86°F)
  • Field of View: 33° × 25°
  • Image Frequency: 9 Hz
  • Accuracy: ±2% or 2°C
  • Display: 640×480 touchscreen
  • Temperature Ranges: –20 to 200°C (–4 to 392°F); 10 to 550°C (50 to 1022°F)
  • WiFi: Standard 802.11 a/b/g/n | Frequency range: 2400–2473 MHz; 5150–5250 MHz | Max. output power: 16 dBm
FLIR Ex Pro-Series thermal imaging camera
FLIR E8 ProFLIR Ex Pro-Series thermal imaging camera

The new FLIR E8 Pro

Feature details:

Upload and organize images and data to the FLIR Tools app over Wi-Fi, for instant sharing and reporting.

All Ex-Series thermal cameras feature FLIR’s unique Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX). This adds key details from the onboard visible light camera to the entire infrared image in real time. The result: an all-in-one, undiluted thermal picture with visible light features. This enables the operator to recognize instantly the location of the problematic heat pattern.

With one touch of the screen, the 1-Touch Level/Span feature allows you to choose a small area of focus in a thermal image, and the camera will auto-adjust the level and span based on the thermal contrast at that spot in the image. The result: time saved on manual adjustments.

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