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FLIR FH-Series R

FLIR FH-Series R

Multispectral Fixed Camera for Early Fire Detection

The FLIR FH-Series R are rugged, multispectral fixed cameras that integrate industry-leading thermal imaging with 4K visible imaging to provide quick visual verification of hot spots in applications for early fire detection. When a temperature increase is detected, the contactless temperature measurement is sent in real-time to the operator through a connected Video Management System (VMS) for on-the-spot assessment.

Custom scheduling provides the flexibility to enable or disable alarms depending on business hours and environmental factors. With the power of thermal hot spot detection combined with intelligent vehicle detection, false alarms (from hot exhaust pipes, for example) are reduced significantly.

FLIR FH-Series R
FLIR FH-Series R
FLIR FH-Series R back view
FLIR FH-Series R
FLIR FH-Series R
FLIR FH-Series RFLIR FH-Series R Back ViewFLIR FH-Series RFLIR FH-Series R

High-resolution thermal and visible sensor for hot spot detection and visual verification from a single device

Use one camera to detect hot spots and intruders.

The FH-Series R can work in combination with other solutions.

  • On-board NEXUS technology enables network connections to FLIR edge devices.
  • Tightly integrated with FLIR United VMS and major third-party VMS
  • ONVIF Conformant S/G/T profiles
  • Receive alarms through compatible VMS platforms.

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