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FOTRIC TD3-LD Acoustic Imaging Camera

FOTRIC TD3-LD Thermal Imaging Camera

The FOTRIC TD3-LD is a simple and practical acoustic camera, designed for swiftly detecting Gas Leaks, Partial Discharges, and Mechanical Vibrations in industrial settings. With a lightweight, ergonomic handheld design, no training is needed, ensuring user-friendliness.


  • 96 MEMS Digital Microphone Channel
  • 192KHz Sampling Rate
  • 2kHz-96kHz Maximum Bandwidth Range
  • 5in Touchscreen Display
  • All-in-one Portable: All-in-one design for easy portability
  • Display Mode: Mono, Multi, Holographic modes
  • Robust Sustainability Powered by 3 replaceable batteries
  • Remote Detection Distance: 0.3m-130m
Fotric TD3-LD
Fotric TD3-LD

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