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Systems With Intelligence IM500 Industrial IoT

IM500 Fixed Monitoring System

Engineered for harsh environments

SWI IM500: Intelligent asset health monitoring solution

Mitigate the risk of failure from overheating assets and connection points with the Systems With Intelligence IM500, a complete remote monitoring solution. The IM500 fixed monitoring system is equipped with thermal and visual smart sensors to collect asset health data.

Users appreciate the bi-directional data flow enabled by cellular wireless communications. Analytics detect anomalies and provide automatic warnings. Signals are transmitted securely from the device to a dashboard on a phone, laptop, or other platform. Remote updates ensure the firmware is current as well as enabling customization of the devices.


Specifications Overview

Technical Specs:

  • Operating Temperature: +5°F to +158°F (-5° to +70°C)
  • Resolution: 160 x 120 pixels (Thermal); 800 x 600 pixels (Visual)
  • Detector Type: Uncooled Vox Microbolometer
  • Spectral Range: 8 – 14 Qm
  • Field of View (FOV): 57° (Thermal); 54° (Visual)
  • Cellular: LTE-M or LTE CAT1
  • Software Interface: SWI IoT Cloud
  • DNP3: Optional – via SWI ClouDNP setup
  • Power: 12VDC nominal (9 to 14 VDC)
  • Dimensions: See drawings on datasheet PDF
  • IP Rating: IP67

Key Features:

  • Dual thermal/visual camera
  • Secure cellullar connection to IoT Cloud
  • I/O connections enable external sensors
  • Low power consumption
  • Optional connection to SCADA/GIS & asset management applications
IM500 Industrial IoT Architecture
  • Monitor the site and control remote sensor module
  • Thermal trending of monitored assets
  • View thermal and visual snapshots
  • Configure thermal analytics and alarms
  • Onboard I/O allows connection of external sensors
  • Monitor water level, door closures, temperature, etc.
  • Adjust polling rates
  • Cellular wireless communication
  • Secure, encrypted connection to SWI cloud
  • Bi-directional data flow
  • Designed for harsh conditions, such as electric power environments
  • Immune to the effects of EMI, ESD and voltage surges and interrupts
  • Environmental rating: IP67

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