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SF-12C Visual Furnace Camera System

SF-12C Visual Furnace Camera System

The SF-12C: Our most popular system for monitoring boilers, furnaces and kilns.

The SF-12C is our most popular high-temperature system designed for monitoring boilers, furnaces and kilns. It is the industry’s first and only system allowing a broad spectrum from visible light to mid-wave infrared to be used on a common optical path. This technology is critical for waveband optimization of each system’s optics. The result is a true visual color (visual) image of your process. Benefits include shaping and positioning of fuel beds, early indication of pluggage and process wear.

a close up of a device
a close up of a device
furnace camera system example
A Close Up Of A DeviceFurnace Camera System Example

System Options for the SF-12C

  • Balanced draft and positive pressure wallboxes for permanent/semi-permanent installation
  • Automatic retract assemblies
  • Lens lengths available from 12” to 72” with straight ahead, right angle, or 45° obtuse line of sight
  • Five field-of-view lenses available from telephoto to super wide angle
  • Portable cart assembly for diagnostics and testing
  • Air filtration systems
  • Digital recorders, monitors, switchers and other video equipment
  • Fiber optic and wireless video/data transmission
  • Remote or integral camera electronics and controls
  • Custom mounting options available

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