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Viper Products

a close up of a Viper Venom Thermal Imaging Enclosure

Camera Enclosures

Thermal Camera Enclosures for Industrial Environments

ViperVision software on Display

ViperVision Software

Monitor for Process Control

a close up of the FLIR E96

Portable Cameras

Our top recommendations for handheld cameras

FLIR A50/70 fixed thermal imaging camera

Fixed Cameras

Find the best thermal or optical gas imaging camera for your application

Sensia Caroline Y (portable) - uncooled

Optical Gas Imaging Cameras

Portable and Fixed Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras

Thermal inspection being performed with a portable FLIR camera

Viper Camera Rentals

Get rates and available camera systems for rent

a close up of a fire oven

Furnace Cameras

High-Temperature Process Monitoring

Viper Predator System logo

Viper Predator

A simple hot spot detection system

Viper Quick Deploy - substation installation

Viper Quick Deploy System

Portable, Multi-Use Monitoring System

ViperVenom enclosure on bracket mount

Viper Store

Many cameras and systems are available for purchase or rent in our online store

Viper is a Sensia preferred partner

Sensia Solutions

Smart Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) Camera Systems


SonaVu Ultrasound and Acoustic Imaging

Acoustic imaging camera that brings condition monitoring into focus

a close up of a FLIR Thermal imaging camera

FLIR Cameras

FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

fire oven


Highly Accurate Non-Contact Measurement Devices

The Viper V1 Elevated Body Temperature Monitoring station

Elevated Body Temperature Detection

Highly automated, accurate EBT systems

Interested in Viper’s System Solution?