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Early Covid Symptom Detection With Elevated Body Temperature Technology

In the midst of a global pandemic, many organizations are utilizing thermal imaging systems to measure elevated body temperature (EBT) and pinpoint early indications of COVID-19. These systems act as a pre-screening device to provide indication of a fever, one of the predominant symptoms of coronavirus. To align with our mission of helping promote safety and saving lives, Viper has been utilizing our team’s decades of experience and dedicating much of our resources to supplying EBT systems for coronavirus symptom detection.

Viper’s Elevated Body Temperature Detection System provides a quick, contact-free screening process to identify fever symptoms in real-time. This process typically takes 1-3 seconds. Once a person’s temperature is measured, if it is below a certain threshold, they will see a Pass (or green) indicator on the screen. If their temperature is above a certain threshold, they will see a Fail (or red) indicator on the screen. These messages can easily be customized to provide instructions that align with your facility’s protocol, such as “Go to Nurse’s Station” or “Get Tested at Doctor’s Office”. 

The EBT Detection System adheres to FDA guidelines by targeting the inner eye canthus or tear duct to take temperature measurements, as other regions of the face do not offer accurate measurements. The Viper EBT system is intended to be paired with FDA cleared thermal imaging cameras [510(K) K033967], as it modifies the use of these cameras by configuring additional components and ViperVision EBT Max software to automate remotely monitored body temperature screening. This product is not intended to diagnose illnesses or medical conditions, it is to detect elevated body temperatures only. 

Viper EBT solutions start at $5,000. Learn more here

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