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Infrared: A Thermal Monitoring Guide

by Rich Shannon, Co-Owner at Viper Imaging For those of you working in the oil & gas, paper and pulp, steel, and power generation industries, you might be lying awake at night worrying about whether or not something catastrophic were…

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ViperVision Software: A Clear Perspective on Thermal Data

As thermal imaging cameras become increasingly cost-effective, more companies are implementing thermal monitoring into their process control. But, how to convert all that temperature data to actionable insight? This is what prompted Viper to develop proprietary software, ViperVision. Knowing firsthand…

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We don’t sell widgets…

Looking back, it’s hard to believe I started working in the thermal imaging business in January 1997. From day one when I picked up a thermal imaging camera and inspected a customer's plant finding problems in the electrical system they…

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Viper Elevated Body Temperature Measurement FAQ

You’ve probably heard something by now about elevated body temperature (EBT) measurement using thermal imaging. Many are saying that this will become a part of our “new normal” as businesses begin to reopen and we all slowly come out of…

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NDAA Blacklist: What you need to know

Several camera companies have been in the news lately due to the NDAA blacklist. In this post, we’ll provide a summary of the law and why it’s relevant for many of our customers. What is the NDAA? The NDAA is…

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Why Forehead Fever Scanners Don’t Work

There has been a lot of media discussion of late about “fever scanners” and other devices designed to measure skin surface temperature. Even Dr. Fauci, NIH Director, weighed in on the subject recently in an interview with the chief of…

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