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Viper Imaging is a Preferred Partner of Germany-based AT - Automation Technology

AT Preferred Partner

Viper Imaging integrates AT – Automation Technology infrared cameras in Viper monitoring systems

Viper Imaging is pleased to be a preferred partner of AT – Automation Technology (AT). We now include AT infrared cameras in our monitoring system solutions – broadening the options for data collection and presentation to our customers.

AT – Automation Technology is one of the world’s leading suppliers of infrared cameras and 3D sensors, and AT products are known for precision and quality. The AT IRSX Series of smart infrared cameras are an ideal fit for our industrial monitoring solutions – including systems for metals, petrochemical, wood products, and more. Viper is also fielding initial inquiries about AT 3D sensor technology.

With their innovative yet uncomplicated technology, AT solutions are perfectly suited for Viper monitoring applications. The smart infrared components from AT require no prior technical knowledge or additional external technology to achieve reliable, high-precision results. Viper engineers have thoroughly tested AT products on their own and within ViperVision software. Customers get seamless integration into their control system (such as OPC, Modbus, Allen-Bradley, or Siemens), and ViperVision software provides a very user-friendly experience for data collection, analysis, and reporting.

“We are excited about the opportunity to promote and integrate AT’s range of products as part of the Viper offering. AT adds cameras and components that offer a large variety of features and benefits previously unavailable while maintaining simplicity in integration and ease of use for our customers. With a storied background in online thermal imaging processing and solutions, we are confident this will help us reach the next level in customer support and system reliability,” explains Andy Beck, co-founder of Viper Imaging.

“AT greatly appreciates the new partnership with the entire Viper Imaging team. Viper has a proven track record in both the iron & steel and oil & gas industries, and they also share the same passion we have for technology. In addition, we share the same high standards of providing complete customer satisfaction. In addition to their infrared expertise, it will be a great pleasure to jointly conquer 3D applications in North America,” says Guido Deutz, Business Development Director of AT.

AT IRSX Series of Smart Infrared Cameras
AT IRSX Camera
AT IRSX camera - Smart app
AT IRSX camera with Sunshade

Use Case Examples

Use case example: Steel mills use refractory-lined ladles to store and transport molten steel. Over time, the refractory linings degrade or develop cracks which allow the outer shell of the ladle to be exposed to excessive temperatures. If not caught in time, a molten metal breakout can occur, threatening the lives of plant personnel and causing downtime.

Viper’s Ladle Refractory Monitoring System uses thermal imaging cameras to monitor the ladle in real-time and warn of excessive shell temperature resulting from refractory degradation. Other common applications for the metals industry include monitoring systems for ARC Furnaces, BOF Furnaces, and Torpedo Cars.

Use case example: With electrical connections, a load on the circuit combined with a poor connection will cause arcing, creating a hot spot. Mechanical components such as bearings will heat up with increased friction or misalignment. While undetectable to the naked eye, these issues are clearly visible with thermal imaging.

Viper’s Critical Asset Monitoring system utilizes thermal imaging cameras to monitor for temperature increases. Continuous, reliable temperature measurement of critical assets helps to increase uptime and ensure operational safety. Implement for just one piece of equipment or several. The system is capable of monitoring multiple assets simultaneously.

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